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2nd OBMRTTT- 2023

1st OBMRTTT - 2023

UTT CTTC - 2023

Baroda District TT Championships 2022

3rd OBMR TT Tournament 2022

2nd OBMR TT Tournament-2022

1st OBMR TT Tournament-2022

INORBIT Baroda District Table Tennis Championships 12th to 16th Sep -2018

3rd GSRTT Tournament 26th to 29th July-2018

2nd OBMR TT Tournament-2018

1ST OBMR TT TOURNAMENT 8th to 10th June-2018

Inorbit Baroda District TT Championships 27th Sep to 1st Oct-2017

2nd OBMR TT TOURNAMENT 6th to 8th July-2017

1ST OBMR TT TOURNAMENT 2nd to 4th June-2017

Inorbit Baroda District TT Championships 24th to 28th Aug-2016

1ST OGMR TT CHAMPIONSHIP 18th to 21st June-2016

2ND OBMR TT TOURNAMENT 30th July to 01st August-2016

1ST OBMR TT TOURNAMENT 3rd to 5th June-2016

GSFC 4th OGMR 5th to 8th Aug-2015

Inorbit Baroda District TT Championships 26th to 30th Aug-2015

2nd OBMR TT TOURNAMENT 26 th to 28th July-2015


About TTAB

Table Tennis Association of Baroda (City and District) (TTAB) was established way back in October 1977. Today it has become a young & vibrant association of 46 years.

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