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Rules for the Conduct

The following are the Rules & Regulations for the conduct of Open Baroda Major Ranking Tournaments & District Championships during the year 2018-19.

1. The tournaments will be allotted to the different Clubs and affiliated units of TTAB.

2. The venue, dates and option to conduct these tournaments shall be announced by the TTAB, through circulars and press announcement

3. The Major Ranking Tournaments are “Prestigious” events of the District. All the Players, Clubs and affiliated units of TTAB are required to treat them as such.

4. Affiliated Units who are given the option to conduct these tournaments are required to pay Rs.1000/- as affiliation fees as well as tournament fee of Rs.1000/- to the District Association as soon as the option is given to them in the A.G.M. / Managing Committee Meetin This amount shall not be refunded if the tournament is not conducted without valid reasons.

5. As per TTAB guideline, Merit Certificate and Cash Prize for winners will be presented by clubs and affiliated units of the TTAB.

6. The Major  Ranking  Tournaments  and  District  Championship  shall  compulsorily include the following events:

i) Men’s Singles                   Vi)   Women’s Singles
ii) Youth Jr. Boys Singles     Vii)  Youth Jr. Girls Singles
iii) Jr. Boys Singles                Viii) Junior Girls Singles
iV) Sub Jr. Boys Singles         iX)  Sub Jr. Girls Singles
V) Cadet Boys Singles            X)  Cadet Girls Singles

7. Age Criteria / Eligibility for participants of Youth, Junior, Sub Junior & Cadet events:

(i)  The Youth, Junior Boys and Girls events shall be open only to those players, who are born on or after 1st January, 1998.

(ii) The Junior Boys and Girls events shall be open only to those players, who are born on or after 1st January, 2001.

(iii) The Sub Junior Boys and Sub Junior Girls events shall be open only to those players, who are born on or after 1st January 2004.

(iv)  Cadet Boys and Cadet Girls events shall be open only to those players, who are born on or after 1st January 2007.

(v)   The minimum entries to conduct any event shall be 8.

(vi)  Any additional event may be included at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

8. Only current year / season registered player/s can participant.

9. Registration fee is mandatory for each player to pay as a onetime fee for current / whole season.

10. It is compulsory to participate in, at least, two Major Ranking tournaments & one District Championship for each registered player/s of Vadodara District who wants to be selected as a district team player and interested to represent in the State & Inter District tournaments. Selection will be based on current year ranking.

11. The player/s will be included in the Vadodara District’s team of Men’s, Women’s, Junior Boys & Junior Girls, who will observe the clause No.10 mentioned above and get highest points in their respective categories as per following point system mentioned in the clause No.14 during various tournaments which will be organized in current year 2018-19.

12. However, Executive Committee reserves the right to select a player as a district team player who has not observed the clause No.10 mentioned above due to specific reasons and informed the association well in advance in written for not attending the tournament.

13. As per GSTTA guideline, it is compulsory for each registered player / technical official of TTAB to forward his / her entry / nomination through District Association (TTAB) only for participating in the State or National / Zonal tournaments / championships. TTAB will forward entries / nominations only of those players who are registered player/s of District association (TTAB).

14. Point System / Criteria in each tournament / championship:

Sr. No. Position Major Ranking Baroda District Championships
1 Champion 24 40
2 Runner Up 18 30
3 Semifinalist 12 20
4 Quarterfinalist 6 10

Please Note: No position match will be played in any tournament / championship.

15. GSTTA ranking and seeding rules will be observed.

16. The Seeding shall be made according to the rules laid down by the GSTTA. The Referee or the Tournament Committee shall follow the ranking / seeding which will be issued by the TTAB before each tournament. If, in case, any of the “Seed” is not participating, the next “Seed” in line will be elevated.

17. While considering the seeding, ranking of district will be considered first and then if required, State or National ranking will be observed. In case the State ranked player may have less ranking in the district then he/she may be considered as per district ranking instead of the State ranking.

18. The method of play will be adopted as per GSTTA norms. All tournaments / championships / events will be played throughout on “Knock-Out” basis.

19. Matches of all events / categories will be played as follows on Knock-Out basis:

  1. All matches of Cadet Boys and Girls events will be played best of five (5) games up to semifinals and best of seven (7) games in final.
  2. All matches of Sub Junior Boys and Girls events will be played best of five (5) games up to quarterfinals and best of seven (7) games from semifinals onwards.
  3. All matches of Junior Boys and Girls events will be played best of five (5) games up to pre-quarterfinals and best of seven (7) games from quarterfinals onwards.
  4. All matches of Youth Boys, Youth Girls, Men’s and Women’s events will be played best of five (5) games up to pre to pre-quarterfinals and best of seven (7) games from pre-quarterfinals onwards.
  5. All matches of Veterans’ events will be played best of five (5) games up to final.

20. All participants must send their entries in written on the prescribed “Entry / Nomination Form” along with the entry fees & registration fees (if applicable). All players / officials / members will be abided by the “Rules & Regulations” mentioned in the “Entry / Nomination Form”. Bonafide certificate must be submitted at the beginning of the season / year.

21. Prospectus and entry form for Major Ranking tournaments & District Championships shall be sent by TTAB to all Players, Clubs and affiliated units, at least, one week prior to the commencement of the tournament / championship.

22. The prospectus should interalia mention:

a) The tournament is conducted “Under the direction of the TTAB affiliated to GSTTA and under the rules and regulations laid down by the TTFI.”

b) Dates and Venue of the Tournament.

c) Last date of entries.

d) Events to be played.

e) Entry & Registration fees.

f)  Events are to be conducted.

23. The tournament committee will prepare the Draw and conduct the Tournament.

24. Entry fee/s & Registration fee/s (if applicable) will be mentioned in the prescribed entry form and are required to pay along with the entry form at the time of submission.

25. Entry & Registration fees are NOT REFUNDABLE.

26. Umpiring of all matches will be done preferably in ENGLISH language.

27. TTFI approved tables and balls will be used in each tournament / championship.


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